Me, Myself and My Brain Stem Tumour. Memoir of a Pediatric Brain Cancer Survivor

by Bayan Azizi

A new memoir written by a young man, aged twenty-six, about his experiences after being diagnosed with a rare brain stem tumour at the age of 9. The tumour, and the treatment necessary to contain it, left him confined to a wheelchair, subject to seizures, and able to speak in only a whisper. Over a period of three years, Bayan Azizi wrote this book by typing with one finger and having to look at that finger to make it type each letter. The result – Me, Myself and My Brain Stem Tumour – is a poignant and humorous perspective on childhood illness and survival, documented largely from the child's eye view of the experience. 
Thrust into a confusing, unknown medical world, the author survives three brain surgeries, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and maximum radiation with the help of cutting-edge medical experts, a close family, and supportive organizations like Canuck Place Children's Hospice and the Make A Wish Foundation.
This is the powerful tale of a boy whose arduous life is lived to its fullest and a reminder of how the human soul, no matter how young, can project through suffering and disability to connect with all of us.

Books are available at 32 Books, Book Warehouse, Chapters Indigo, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and e-book format. Click on the book for live links on the right side.

Click on the image of the book to see Bayan's wonderful interview with Novus TV

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Bayan Azizi's new memoir is available at 32 Books in North Vancouver, and Book Warehouse on Main. Also Amazon, Chapter's Indigo, Barnes and Noble, as well as e-book format. Bayan and his remarkable memoir are getting a lot of attention. A television interview for Novus TV is live on Youtube. Tomorrow Bayan and his mother Nika will be on CBC's Early Edition, and there are articles about his moving and powerful booklaunch at Canuck Place. Look for his North Shore Book Launch May 20, and the Lynn Valley Library! More Soon....

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