About Everywhere Now

It is a great task to write a book and an even greater task to become an expert in both book publishing and book selling – a demand authors increasingly face in the current publishing climate. Everywhere Now was formed by Claudia Casper to present new and exciting work to the public, to create a platform for exploring innovative book publishing models, and to provide its authors with focused assistance in this wild, changing landscape. Under the Everywhere Now imprint, authors control their own projects. They can also access, as desired, the publishing professionals we regularly collaborate with to create the finest possible finished work.

Claudia Casper founded Everywhere Now in 2014. She is the author of the novels The Reconstruction and The Continuation of Love by Other Means, (both published by Penguin). The Globe and Mail said of The Reconstruction: “The writing is beautiful, with passages of dazzling poetic intensity on nearly every page,” and The Independent called Casper a “ferocious wit.”

Her writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, Geist, Event, Best Canadian Short Stories (Oberon) and the anthology Dropped Threads: What We Aren’t Told (Vintage), edited by Carol Shields and Marjorie Anderson. Her work has been published in Canada, the US, the UK, and Germany. Casper conceived the Carol Shields Labyrinth, an interactive online labyrinth that honours Shields’s life. She has also taught writing for the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive

Casper was born in Toronto and received a BA from the University of Toronto. She now lives in Vancouver with her husband and two sons.